Water disputes

I have served in the roles of facilitator, mediator, arbitrator, lawyer and water project manager. In my practice, I have worked with a wide variety of water stakeholders including, among others: farmers, ranchers, sprinkler irrigators, irrigation ditches/mutual ditch companies, ground water users (irrigation and DCMI), cities/municipalities, water boards, water districts, water commissioners, water conservancy districts, equipment manufacturers, state regulatory agencies, and federal regulatory agencies. I have also worked in association with water organizations such as the American Water Works Association, Water For People, SNV and the World Bank-Water and Sanitation Program, as well as multiple U.S. or European nongovernmental organizations.


I have worked in a wide variety of water matters including:

  • Long range water supply planning
  • Aquifer and basin water management plans
  • Conjunctive management
  • Seniority and futile call issues
  • Interstate water matters
  • Water litigation
  • Surface water hydrology including rain fall runoff prediction, flood prediction, river modeling, precipitation patterns and river system changes due to reservoirs
  • Irrigation water usage including diversion, consumptive use and return flow studies
  • Surface water-ground water interconnection including depletion studies on ground water or of ground water use on surface flows
  • Competing water demand studies and litigation include surface ground water disputes
  • Ground water flow patterns including interconnection among various aquifers.Design, construction and use of water reservoirs and distribution systems.
  • River rehabilitation programs
  • Urban drainage
  • Water Conservancy Districts and their operations and management
  • Water rights including appropriation, sale, transfer and usage

Example engagements

  • Mediator, basin wide water allocation dispute, 2018 (New Mexico)
  • Mediator, dispute of rights to waste water connections, 2018 (Colorado)
  • Facilitator, disputes over protection of groundwater near fuel facility, 2017-2018 (Hawaii)

Other resources

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