Construction disputes & arbitration

I have worked (arbitrator, mediator, counsel) in disputes involving industrial sites, multi-family housing, refineries, gas processing plants, residential, multi-use and mining sites. Prior to my work as a lawyer and mediator, I worked in both construction design, contract management and onsite inspection.

In addition to working as legal counsel, mediator and arbitrator in construction, I am a Registered Professional Engineer and have worked in design and as a construction inspector.

The following topics , among others, were addressed:

Survey and site set up/preparation
Gas processing
Single home and multifamily units
Delay, nature, causes and responsibility
Slope stability
QA and QC
Alleged failure to follow applicable laws
Role and function of architect
Water intrusion or flashing
Building coatings/exteriors
Role and need for certificate of merit
Survey adequacy
Removal of general contractor
AAA Home Construction Rules case
Construction scheduling and sequencing, optimal sequencing
Concrete and reinforcement
Adequacy of plans and specifications
soilinspection2Compliance with contract and specifications
Effects of weather
Responsibility for delay among various actors
Determination of validity of change orders, extras and deletion
Dispute over validity and use of liens
Constructability of design
Responsibility for permit compliance in construction
Failure to or responsibility to coordinate construction
Adequacy of supervision
Propriety of equipment for necessary tasks
Delays caused by permitting or government agencies
Responsibility for permitting
Delay damages calculation, liquidated
Lien payment and priority, improper lien
Grading, soils, compaction Foundation preparation
Roofing and flashing claims
Drill site preparation and equipment
Quantum meriutcrane3Substitute materials or appliances
Loan extension costs
Injunctive relief
Attorneys fees and interest