Begun as a way for more cost effective and fast method of dispute resolution, criticism of arbitration has increased. It has become more expensive and time consuming. Yet, there are methods to get arbitration back to achieving its goals of speed and efficiency. Experience in commercial, construction, environmental, natural resources, lands and oil & gas matters.

Arbitration qualifications

  • Arbitrating commercial, resource, energy, natural resource matters since 1995
  • CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, N.Y., N.Y.; Panel of Distinguished Neutrals (Denver)
  • American Arbitration Association: Panel of Arbitrators, Commercial, Construction Panel, Energy Panel, Oil & Gas Panel, Large Complex Panel


Mediation, when approached thoughtfully and in good faith, should present to the parties a more clear view of their options. The process can fail when one or more participants is using it for purposes other than settlement. Conversely, when approached with suitable attitude, mediation is very effective. Experience in commercial, construction, environmental, natural resources, lands and oil & gas matters.

Mediation qualifications

  • Mediating commercial, natural resource, water and corporate matters since 1991
  • National Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals, U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Tucson, AZ.

Joseph P McMahon Jr. LLC

Joseph P McMahon Jr. LLC is a solo firm, based in Denver, Colorado, through which I work in arbitration, mediation, conflict management, transformation and dispute resolution. My goal is to seek more thoughtful and efficient approaches to conflict. I have mediated and facilitated many matters, and have been appointed as arbitrator in approximately 90 cases.

Among others, this can involve the following:

I have, and seek to apply, substantial experience in complex multi-party disputes.

Professional background – summary

  • Graduated from the US Force Academy/commissioned; 1966
  • USAF Fighter pilot, (US, SEA and NATO); 1967-1972
  • MS in Civil Engineering/consulting engineer; 1972-1976
  • JD, University of Denver; 1978
  • The law firm of Davis, Graham & Stubbs (Denver) commercial, resource, environmental litigation, 1977-2001
  • Project mgr/consultant, various development projects (Viet Nam, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda); 1990-2000
  • ADR specialization (Mediation, arbitration and conflict consultant), 1991 to date

Key kinks


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Personal: I am married with two children and two grandchildren, and have advanced degrees in law and engineering. I moved to Colorado in 1962 to go the the USAF Academy. After military service, I went to graduate school in Denver in engineering and later in law. I practiced engineering in the early 70’s, and law through 2000 (in Colorado, I am licensed in law and also a Registered Professional Engineer). I began my work in mediation and facilitation in 1991.






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